Herman Williams
Part 5 of 5

Herman tells the story of being cursed by a medicine man. He had gotten very sick and yet the doctors could find nothing wrong with him. As they crossed the reservation line to go see a doctor, the sickness would go away. As they headed back though, as soon as they got on the reservation, he got sick again. It didn't take long after that for Herman to figure out that something spiritual was going on.






Herman Williams - Navajo - Part 5 of 5

I’ll tell you another thing. We’re missionary now in Fort Thompson, South Dakota. We’re there for 11 years.

We were just young and we’d go around visit, people would laugh at us. Say, “You got nothing here, we’re all Christians,” they say.

As time went on, maybe about two years, you know we began to sense the visitation, manifestation, of the supernatural.

In the home we would hear somebody walking. We had service in the basement and up there in the living room, somebody is walking around while we’re having service. The doors were locked, everything. So I would go up there and look around; nobody. We’d start again and we hear again, see, and I knew what it was, so we just prayed, “Renounce it,” and it went on.

We had through many experience that way. There’s an older man, a medicine man that came around and told me. He mention around every so often to people to cut hair; he says, “I cut hair.” He said to me, “If you want your hair cut,” he says, “I won’t charge you.” I says, “Okay.”

One day he came and he cut my hair. I had a mirror; sure enough, he did a good job, you know, and I thanked him for it. As soon as he cut my hair, he began to get all my hair that he cut together and put it in his bag. And my wife thought that probably he’s getting all that up to put in the trash can; she came with a dust pan and a broom, so she helped him clean up my hair, put it all in his bag, you know. Then he went on.

And then, as time went on, I got sick; I got pretty sick, so I went to the doctor. They checked me out and there was nothing wrong with me. But literally I could feel it, pain. This went on maybe for a month. I went to doctors at least four times.

And another day, I was again pretty sick and she called another doctor, a town called Wessington Springs. The doc said, “Come right out,” so we started out, I was pretty sick, she was driving, my wife.

We went across the reservation line toward Wessington Springs and you know the sickness had dissipate. It just, when we got there I told Fern, my wife, “I’m not sick anymore.” It seemed to come into my mind saying, “Why go to the doctor; you’re all right.” But the doctor said, “Come.” So we went there, and the doctor checked me out, there’s nothing wrong.

So we shopped around, got some things and went back, got back, on the way back, soon as we got into the reservation, it hit me again. By the time we got back to the parsonage, I was sick. My wife called again, the doctor said, “Bring him over.” We went back there; I think three times this happened.

And I began to realize now that this is a supernatural thing. So we started to agree together; the Word of God says, agree-- if two of you shall agree on earth touching anything we ask in Jesus name, it shall be done.

So we pray, and then, you know, that one night, about past midnight, there we’re in bed, I couldn’t sleep because of my illness. My wife has to put pillows on my lap so I could put my hands on it like this, and that’s the only way I would sleep.

But she would sleep here against the wall but in the other room here is a kitchen range, there’s a wall here. That night while I was, I don’t know what I was thinking about, I was awake, but then I heard somebody singing. Started real small voice and getting a little louder and louder with a drum. Pitty, pitty, pitty, pitty, singing. I listen and then my wife, it woke my wife up.

She call me “Herman”. I says, “Yeah.” She said, “Do you hear anything?” I didn’t say, “Yeah,” but I says, “Do you?” She said, “Yeah.” “What do you hear?” “Somebody singing right here in the wall to me.”

Then I knew I wasn’t going crazy, you know, so I got up and went around, turned the light on the other side. Soon as I turned the light on, that thing just stopped. So we went around and looked around in the basement, all over the room. We had prayer again and went back to bed.

Then, it was a long night, you know. Then, a few days went by, maybe a week, I hear it again, real yet it get louder. I got up, I went in there, I didn’t turn on the light this time. I get on the other side is the kitchen, a stove there, I stood by there and it was in the wall behind the stove.

And you know, God’s Word says we have the Holy Spirit within us. He says that many times the Holy Spirit would intercede for us with groaning.

So while I stood there I felt that, the Spirit of God began to, on its own I heard a word spoken out, rebuke that, you know. I mean that thing stopped, and so we went around -- I told Fern -- we went around the house and down into the basement and checked around. Then I started go to bed, put the pillows on here and I told Fern, “You know, I feel all right. I’m not sick anymore.”

So that’s the first time I slept faithfully.

And then I got up early in the morning, made some coffee, and here there was a knock on the door. Here a lady came, she said “Pastor, would you please come over quickly for prayer.” I says “Okay, be right over. Where is it?” “Right down there,” she told me.

So after I had a cup of coffee and dressed up more and went over there, I came to this tar paper shack they had. Here in the corner there is another cot. It’s an army cot, like the army cot that unfolds, like canvas. There’s a man laying on there.

Well, this medicine man, he was the one on the cot. And when I came there for prayer, I went up to this cot and I looked at him and his eyes is all turned up, just white. His face is twisted, his lips all to the side like this, and his body was all shape twisted.

And I didn’t know him. I said, “Who is this is?” And he mention his name. Then I had prayer. Then I said, “I’ll go back and I’ll come back about ten.”

So I went back, and before 10 o’clock he died a terrible death, I guess.

She told me that, “Last night about midnight, he let out a terrible scream.” There’s people laying on the ground here at night, they all took off, haven’t come back, and she’s the only one that came back. When she came back, that’s the way he was.

The second time is that night before 10, when he died he let out a terrible scream again. That was it.

Well, after that, after he was buried, there’s another medicine man came over to me and said, “Pastor, I want you to come over and eat with me, my wife has prepared all the food, bring your family.” And I said, “My kids aren’t in school yet and my wife can’t leave here, she’s got to stay here, but I’ll come over.” “Yeah, come over and I’ll, we’ll bring some food back,” he said.

So I went over there, had fellowship and talked about a lot of things, and then he brought it up. He said, “You know that medicine man?” “Yeah,” I said, “I know him.” “He’s a no-good medicine man,” he said. “Oh, I didn’t know that.”

And then he brought totally something that I think is very, very important here. He said, “He tried to bewitch you.” And he said, “He could not do it.” He says, “You have power stronger than his.” And he used a term, he says “You know, the power that he’s trying to use to kill you, he could not do it, so it just backfired on him.”

And that’s what happened.

I think all medicine men, they have a certain power they can kill people with, but being a child of God we have the power of God, the Holy Spirit. And it backfired on him, see, that’s the way it happened.