Mary Lathlin
Part 3 of 3

Mary suffered much physical and emotional abuse in her marriage, but drew strength from God's Word and the encouragement of other Bible-honoring women. She found that God's way was effective in keeping her relationship with her unbelieving husband from destroying either their family or her faith. They both experienced God's forgiveness in their lives, and now she looks forward to reuniting with her husband in Heaven.






Mary Lathlin - Cree - Part 3 of 3

When my husband left me that last time, he left me and then he wanted to come back, and then I thought to myself, I said to myself, “Who am I not to forgive my husband, when God forgave me my sins? Who am I not to forgive him?” because the Word of God says, in Ephesians 4:32, “And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you.”

So God forgave me my own sin, so I forgave my husband too.

And so after he got sick, I took care of him. First of all he had heart attacks; when he had a third heart attack, he almost died. He said he was going to Hell, he couldn’t hang on to anything, he said; he was just slipping away into Hell, and he called God and said, “God, give me another chance to live.” And God gave him another chance to live.

But then and there, in the hospital, four different Christian men came to see him; you know, it was a miracle. And then, he said that somebody led him to the Lord.

But then he forgot his promise to God. When he came back, he got better, he went back to his old ways.

But then, after a while, he says to me, “Let’s go to church.” So we started seeking church; four churches, the fourth one we came to, I said to him, “Let’s go to my church.” He said, “Okay.”

So we went there, Bible study, and then during that evening, we were sitting there, they were praying and Mr. White, the late Mr. White, was praying. He had his hand over him; all of a sudden I felt this wind, but I guess that’s the time when my husband gave everything to the Lord, cause he told me after, he said, “Oh,” he says, “just like I took something off me, heavy, and I would I feel so light, I felt so tall,” he said. That’s the time my husband gave everything to the Lord.

Anyway, I start taking care of him and after a while he had a stroke, that same year he had a stroke, and I had to take care of him. He went to the hospital and he came out and I took care of him. I quit my job. I was just starting to work for different schools, but then I had to quit to take care of him, cause he needed somebody to take care of him. And he was in a wheel chair; he couldn’t talk for a year, but then he got his speech back.

But just before he had a stroke, we started going to church at the Maples Community Church, and every Sunday morning my husband would just dance, he was so happy to go to church. He would just dance as he was getting ready, and then one time I said to him, being an older Christian than him, I said, “Let’s sit down, let’s talk about us.”

So we sat down and I said to him, “Why don’t we forgive each other what we did to each other, like, meaning, you cheated on me and I cheated on you before I became a Christian, and all the things that you did to me.” He said, “Yeah, okay.” And then he said “Okay, so yes, I forgive you everything that you did to me, you know, all the bad things you did to me. And you forgive me, too?” I said “Yes.”

So we forgave each other. After that, in 1991, I think, he had a stroke, and he was in a wheel chair for four years. Sometimes it used to be tiring, you know, to take care of him, to be there. But he would say to me, “Go out. It’s not fun to stay home when you’re sick, go out and enjoy yourself,” he would say to me, and then I would do that.

And then I thought one time after four years, and I’m thinking, you know. I said to the Lord in my heart, “It’s okay, Lord,” in my heart, “as long as you want me to take care of my husband this way, as long as you want him to live this way, I’m willing to take care of him.”

It was really funny; not long after that, the Lord took him. He got sick, and then he had a heart attack and he went to the hospital, and he got better again, and I went to visit him. And then, it was Christmas, two days before Christmas, I went to visit him; he was in the ward and then I said to him, “You know,” I said, “I didn’t even do any Christmas shopping yet.” And he said to me, “Why don’t you go now, it’s eight-thirty already, the stores will be closed soon. You go Christmas shopping now,” he said. I said, “Okay, let’s pray together first.”

So we pray together, and then I said, “Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow morning; good night.” Then I left. First I went shopping and I was going to buy these shoes for him, and then I thought, I put them back, I said, “Not now,” and so then the very next morning, the very early, the nurse calls, “You better come down,” she said, “Something’s wrong with your husband.”

So, as soon as I got ready, I go to the hospital and he was already gone. The nurse said, “Sorry, we did everything we could, and then he was only living 15 minutes after this, another heart attack,” she said. “We tried.”

So, there he was, laying there with a smile on his face.

(Song) When you’re dreading what will come tomorrow, Drowning away all your sorrow, Praying that today will be your last.. When the ones you love the most have left you, The bitterness has overcome you And you cannot find your way through the pain Walk on.

Walk on, Jesus hears the cry of your troubled heart, Walk on, and He will give you rest. Walk on, put your faith in what you cannot see, The sufferings of this present time are nothing to compare To the glory that will be revealed in you. Walk on.

When you’ve done your best to raise the children But they turn their back on all you’ve taught them There’s a sorrow that you feel you cannot bear. When life begins to close around you Giving into fear and doubt You’re so depressed you can’t get out of bed. Walk on.

Walk on, Jesus hears the cry of your troubled heart, Walk on and he will give you rest. Walk on, put your faith in what you cannot see, The sufferings of this present time are nothing to compare To the glory that will be revealed in you, Walk on. Walk on.

When your bank account is in the red, You cannot keep your children fed And the rent is three months overdue, Walk on. When you get the call from the doctor, The tests are in, your days are numbered, They tell you they’ve done all that they can do, Walk on.

Walk on, Jesus promises a better day, Walk on and He will carry you. Walk on, put your faith in what you cannot see, He never will forsake you, His love will comfort you, An ever present help in time of need, So walk on, Walk on.

I’m going to see my late husband again in Heaven, and then we’re going to enjoy the Lord together, and I just want to praise the Lord for that He gave me that patience and that long-suffering. It’s not my doing, it’s all glory to the Lord.

Well, the Lord has been good to me. It’s really amazing what God has done for me. I’m not saying God will do this for you if you do this and if you do that. For one thing, I recognize that God honors faithfulness; He’s done so much for me. He gives me strength, He gives me joy, He gives me peace, He dries my tears when I cry, and He just blesses me. I thank Him, for everything.